Are the Kids Alright? a New Generation of Child Stars on the Perils of Growing

Are the kids alright? A new generation of child stars on the perils of growing

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… and snorting cocaine at 13. Last year the former Home Alone actor Macaulay Culkin was splashed across the front page of the National Enquirer under the headline "Addicted to heroin… six months to live!" – a claim vehemently denied by Culkin's …
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Ergo, “Argo”? Ben Affleck Film Wins Producers Guild, Along with “Sugar Man

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Lear, 90, and game for anything funny, was shown sitting on a toilet and snorting lines of cocaine. Chris Tucker was one of the first … Harvey paid tribute to his parents, his daughters and his wife Georgina, “my love of my life.” Harvey ended his …


Former drug addict George now helping others kick habit

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… his drug taking escalate from a weekend activity to a full-blown addiction to heroin and crack cocaine, even turning to stealing from his family to fund his habit. However, George became part of the Ark Angel project which provides supported living …
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