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“I'm in Love With Being on Display”: Adult Film Star Asa Akira on Her

“I'm in love with being on display”: Adult film star Asa Akira on her
In her new book, “Insatiable: Porn — A Love Story,” the Wicked Pictures contract star and so-called “Anal Queen” writes of her six-year-plus career, “There's nothing else I'd rather be doing. I wish I could freeze time … She is brutally honest about …
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Florida senate passes medical marijuana plan
The proposal would allow from one to four distribution centers — one in each part of the state —which would be operated by the same entities that grow the marijuana and manufacture the substance, usually delivered to users in the form of oil or paste …
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How Writing Helped Edward St Aubyn Exorcise His Demons

How writing helped Edward St Aubyn exorcise his demons
Having struggled with drug addiction and mental illness, and having already failed in one suicide attempt, St Aubyn had made a contract with himself that he would either publish a book or succeed in killing himself. Never Mind was to be the first of …
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Alice in Chains' Drummer Sean Kinney: "You Have to Be True to Yourself"
Staley, who passed away in 2002 from drug addiction, and his eerily cathartic croons were a centerpiece of the storied, chart-topping grunge act. Despite the naysayers, founding members, guitarist Jerry Cantrell and drummer Sean Kinney persevered with …
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Lansdale Man Admits Stealing From Roommates to Support Heroin Habit

Lansdale man admits stealing from roommates to support heroin habit
The second victim told police that Krug “is a heroin addict and most likely stole the items in order to support his heroin addiction,” Bruckner wrote in the criminal complaint. When investigators checked a local pawn shop they learned that Krug had …
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Fearing abuse, states challenge FDA on painkiller approval
WASHINGTON — Notwithstanding a court order, Massachusetts and other states plan to restrict use of a new painkiller drug, setting up a showdown with the federal government over who gets to decide the best way to protect public health. In the case of …
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Best Drug Rehab Center, Best Rehabilitation – Malibu Horizon Center


Best Drug Rehab Center, Best Rehabilitation – Malibu Horizon Center – Malibu Horizon is the top best drug rehab treatment center in the country. Unlike other drug rehab treatment centers, Malibu Horizon is the best drug rehab c…


Would a minimum wage be a disaster for Seattle's human services?
Reporting a column in the Seattle Times about serious financial problems in the nonprofit chemical dependency treatment community, I asked nonprofit leaders about a $ 15 wage. Universally, the answer was a collective … services problem,” he said. That …
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Prevent Dryer Fires:


Prevent Dryer Fires: – It lessens the real venting fire hazard. Dryerbox is a simple metal receptacle that collects flex exhaust hose neatly and safely behind the dryer.


Drug Courts Help Addicts Recover — But May Cost Them Their Rights
Drug Courts Help Addicts Recover — But May Cost Them Their Rights. April 13, 2014 7:33 AM ET … Playlist; Download. Drug courts were established 25 years ago, transforming the legal response to drug addicts. NPR's Rachel Martin talks to West …
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Private Alcohol Rehab, Treatment Programs


Private Alcohol Rehab, Treatment Programs – Alcohol Rehab & Treatment expert Mike Highstead explains how your beliefs are driving . Private alcohol rehabilitation & treatment. Custom-tailored a…


Stem Cells Made From Cloning Diabetic Woman
The federal government finally won its case but funding is still restricted, and most work is done by private groups such as the New York Stem Cell Foundation, or carefully firewalled labs at places such as Harvard University. …. In addition to …
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