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When Shrinks Put Mindfulness on the Couch

When Shrinks Put Mindfulness On The Couch
It's a careful balancing act, they say: for some, mindfulness-based therapy may be more effective at relieving stress and addressing mental health symptoms, while others may benefit more from medications or a combination of medication and meditation …
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Fire in Russian drug centre kills eight
Moscow, April 27 (IANS/ITAR -TASS) At least eight people were killed when a fire broke out at a drug addiction rehabilitation centre in Russia. The tragedy occurred in Altai territory in … The six injured were being treated at a hospital. The …
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Experts: 'Killer Heroin' May Be Something Else

Experts: 'killer heroin' may be something else
He's a co-founder of SARPH Pa., a substance abuse recovery program for pharmacists and pharmacy students and a marketing director for Gaudenzia, a nonprofit drug treatment center. To understand why a potentially deadly kind heroin would attract users, …
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New avenues for treatment of cocaine addiction
… new avenues for the therapeutic treatment of cocaine addiction. “It remains to be seen whether activation of this recently discovered receptor provides relief for other forms of addiction too, including alcohol, nicotine and even compulsive eating …
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Benzodiazepine Addiction Meds the Same, but Different?

Benzodiazepine Addiction Meds the Same, but Different?
ORLANDO, Florida ? Two medications used to help treat benzodiazepine dependence appear to have comparable efficacy but differing advantages and disadvantages, a new pilot study shows. … "There are no randomized, controlled trials comparing different …
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Heroin Epidemic Challenges Nonprofits and Health Insurance Alike
Their mother sent them to separate drug rehab facilities in Florida, followed by halfway houses, but the two returned to their home in the St. Louis, Missouri area and returned to heroin. The younger brother was able to get … NBC News cited Michael …
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Medical Marijuana Bill Advanced by Minnesota Senate Panel

Medical marijuana bill advanced by Minnesota Senate panel
Julie Rosen, R-Fairmont, who said more study is needed to address concerns voiced by Dayton, police groups and addiction treatment professionals. She was supported by Sen. Carla Nelson, R-Rochester, who argued that legislation without such data would …
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Brebenec appointed to RECAP board
Some of the programs offered through RECAP are supportive housing, first-time homebuyers program, drug and alcohol addiction treatment and recovery, employment training, nutrition assistance, food pantry, Head Start preschool program, energy …
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Was Obama Serious When He Said We Need to Extend Unemployment Payments for Another Year?

Question by : Was Obama serious when he said we need to extend unemployment payments for another year?
Quote from today’s Washington Times: “States that borrowed billions from Washington to cover skyrocketing unemployment payouts during the recession are now cutting benefits, adding fees, and in some cases, increasing taxes on employers in order to get the cash to repay the loans.”

There are lots of people out there who’ve been looking for work for a year or two, even three. While I feel for their plight, where is the money for the extension going to come from?
Well here’s a shocker, nobody knows where the money is going to come from, me either.

Lawmakers Closer to Approving Telemedicine, More Powers for Nurses

Lawmakers closer to approving telemedicine, more powers for nurses
TALLAHASSEE | The Florida House appears poised Friday to pass a massive health-care bill that would ensure three disputed trauma centers remain open and give long-sought powers to nurse practitioners. The bill (HB 7113) also deals with a series of …
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High-tech fix helps teen beat rare condition
His last hope: An experimental treatment called deep brain simulation. Stacy Merritt coordinates clinical trials at the University of Florida Center for Movement Disorders. Surgeons place pacemaker-like power packs in the chest and run leads to the head.
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