COCaine Usage?!?

Question by kim k: COCaine usage?!?
So, a friend of mine has recently got me started doing cocaine, and i actually like they way i feel while im on it. I feel happy, on top of the world and like no one can hold me down. I know cocaine is bad for you and i really want to stop before i get addicted, but am i addicted already? I find myself thinking throughout the day about getting my hands on more cocaine. So what are some ways to seriously get my mind and keep my hands off this drug!? Im a smart girl, just a bit curious! I dont want to throw my life away! Im a full time college student and almost ready to graduate! Help before its too latE!!!!


and please, i already know cocaine is bad for you so PLEASE dont preach and say how stupid i am and blah, blah, blah. i know i have a problem!

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Answer by Local Celebrity
If you are being serious, this is a cry for help and you need it. If you are not serious, choose something else to joke about. Drugs ruin people’s lives.

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