Drug/Alcohol Treatment Options for Addicts And/or Alcoholics – Outpatient or Inpatient?


Drug/Alcohol treatment options for addicts and/or alcoholics – outpatient or inpatient? – This video is for parents, spouses and significant others of drug and/or alcohol abusers who want to help a loved one enter treatment.


Community, Walgreens Expanding Collaboration
A partnership between Indianapolis-based Community Health Network and one of the nation's largest drug store chains is expanding. Seven more Walgreens Healthcare Clinic locations are expected to be included in the collaboration … We offer hundreds of …
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FDA panel not convinced by opiate combination safety
At a meeting on April 22, the FDA's Anesthetic and Analgesic Drug Products Advisory Committee voted 14-0 that the morphine-oxycodone combination should not be approved for the management of moderate to severe pain, because there is no evidence that the …
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Make your voice heard before it's too late
Involuntary medication applications are filed in less than 10 percent of cases, and are granted for less than 5 percent of applications; most cases are resolved in other ways, with the patient either sufficiently recovering without drugs or choosing …
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