Eric Clapton Song, How Many Other Ways?

Question by Cindy: Eric Clapton song, how many other ways?
Eric Clapton sings a haunting song named Can’t Find My Way Home. This song, to me is about addiction. “I’m wasted and I can’t find my way home.” When you think about it, what other ways is “wasted”? What does that mean to you? When you listen to the song, what are you thinking?

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Answer by thiny72
I am tired overly dissed on alcohol;
by the way, This same “Artist” used to have another song in his Repertory, it is call, “COCAINE”…, GUESS WHAT IS ABOUT?
“IF YOU WANT TO HANG OUT , YOU NETTER TAKE IT OUT….” or something like that …
Once you let your body be taken out by some substances, like alcohol or drugs, it became having a “Wonderful” felling for the first few minutes but after a while or after many years , as it seems to be the case , your body tells your brine something like “I don’t want to play any more , I don’t feel good today lets stay at home a cuttle down with that nice battle of wisky that i have in the pantry, is looking at me funny, she knows is going to get it…
What does it mean to me…,?
Well, “I have done everything that has to be done; I would like to be some where were things make sense, are more “Normal”, what ever that is…”, with out having to renounce yo my humanety….
There is so much pressure, I wish I were in a place were were a bit more easy to live …

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