Medical Marijuana Now Legal, but Rules and Enforcement Unclear

Medical marijuana now legal, but rules and enforcement unclear

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"Kids don't wake up one day and decide to snort a line of cocaine, or stick a needle in their arm," Lt. Williamson said. "I'm not saying everybody that uses marijuana graduates to harder drugs. But I think if you talk to anybody that has a drug …
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Simon Cowell's ex girlfriend Paula Hamilton set to reveal sex secrets on

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According to Miss Hamilton, a reformed alcoholic and cocaine addict, the first time she was ever drunk was with Cowell. 'He was funny and rebellious like me,' she said. 'Alcohol made the feelings inside me go away.' Other names rumoured for the show …
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The alternative A to Z of the 2012 sporting year

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A year of class and composure was somewhat blighted by his treatment of a journalist in a post-All-Irealnd final press conference. He now heads to Celtic, where short-handpassing will surely be frowned on even more than it is by GAA purists. K is for …
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