Philly Comic Con 2013: John Barrowman Is AWESOME!!

Philly Comic Con 2013: John Barrowman is AWESOME!!
When he told a seriously petite woman to treat the oversized microphone like his member, I died. While I always found him … Seriously, John Barrowman is the new crack/cocaine. He is kinky, quirky, addictive, adorable and fun. Who else gives up his …
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Oxford sex abuse victim: 'At first they treat you like a princess'
I thought they were the only people I could trust. "When you're dependent on them emotionally, they tie you even closer with drugs and alcohol. They got me addicted to crack cocaine first, then started giving me heroin. They once gave me a massive …
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Capitalism Makes Us Crazy: Dr. Gabor Maté on Illness and Addiction
Most people who try heroin, crystal meth, cocaine, don't become addicts. The real question is, why are the drugs addictive to certain people? What creates a susceptibility? What makes them vulnerable? When the American army came back from Vietnam 20 …
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