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Private Alcohol Rehab, Treatment Programs – Alcohol Rehab & Treatment expert Mike Highstead explains how your beliefs are driving . Private alcohol rehabilitation & treatment. Custom-tailored a…


Stem Cells Made From Cloning Diabetic Woman
The federal government finally won its case but funding is still restricted, and most work is done by private groups such as the New York Stem Cell Foundation, or carefully firewalled labs at places such as Harvard University. …. In addition to …

Studies Conclude Mindfulness Treats Addiction More Effectively Than
In another study, University of Washington researchers looked at alcohol and substance abuse addition. Once again, findings revealed those participants who used a mindfulness approach for treatment were at lower risk for resuming drug and alcohol use.
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Everyday Drugs, Everyday High
In fact, between 3 to 5 percent of adults are addicted to drugs and alcohol in Qatar, estimates Dr. Mounir Soussi, an addiction specialist at the Alaween Social Rehabilitation Centre, according to a report in The Peninsula last year. “The most …
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