Rockland County Man Charged With Distributing Drugs Involved in Overdose Death

Rockland County man charged with distributing drugs involved in overdose death

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“As has been reported, prescription drug trafficking and abuse is an exploding epidemic, claiming the lives of almost 15,000 people a year, more than illegal street drugs like heroin and cocaine combined”, U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara said. “As alleged …


From cigarettes to obesity, public health at risk

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Using taxes on ingredients such as added sugar and fructose corn syrup would decrease exposure according to addiction models. This might make Coca-Cola and other sodas return to sucrose as in Mexican or Kosher Coke. Reducing portion size, while …
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Goodbye To You, 2012, And To Those You Took With You

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The autopsy showed evidence of cocaine abuse and consequent heart disease – which made the event all the more tragic. We cannot leave out those whose lives were cut short in the service of their country; J. Christopher Stevens, US ambassador said that …
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