What Are the Side Affects of Taking Methadone and Opiates? and Please Read..?

Question by Rosie: What are the side affects of taking methadone and opiates? and please read..?
My Mother has been taking Methadone for some time and she needs help..She get’s weekly amounts and then takes to muchj and then go through withdrawls. But when she does have it she mixes it with other opiates. Whatever she can get her hands on ….HELP..She is so messed up? What do I do? What are the sider effects of methadone and opiates together …then going through withdrawl because she takes to much methadone when she gets her weekly doses?

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Answer by D
That’s a surprisingly common pattern, and I dare say methadone clinics are nothing but money making machines for many of their patients. There are methadone users who’ve been “in treatment” for decades. All that to say, some people genuinely intend to utilize it for weaning off and away from opioids. An ethical treatment center would call her on her misuse, but since it’s often part of the addiction, kicking her out would also be the wrong thing to do.

There are newer treatments than Methadone that have a pretty good success rate, but the addict has to want to get clean. As long as your mother has a system that “works” for her, she may not want to change. It is all too common.

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