York Credit Union Robber Receives 40-Year Prison Sentence

York Credit Union Robber Receives 40-Year Prison Sentence
Following his arrest, it came out during the investigation that Cook was addicted to cocaine. At his Thursday … Hahn said a mental evaluation showed no overt signs of psychosis and that Cook was “grossly exaggerating” symptoms of psychosis. VanFossen …
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Panel Addresses Prescription Drug Abuse in Rockland County
We are getting inundated, not just with marijuana or crack or cocaine, but also with synthetic drugs. These are scary substances. You don't know what you are … The discussion turned to treatment, specifically the importance of getting young people …
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Fatal attraction of the web creates a modern addiction
Professor Reed said a survey of 20,000 women in America found that a third of them showed signs of disruptive sleep patterns due to checking Facebook. Addiction, he said, required … And this psychological characteristic leads him to agree that the …
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