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New Medicine Offers Hope for Some Addicts

New medicine offers hope for some addicts
“I was shooting up heroin and cocaine, and I felt my body shutting down. At that moment, I didn't want to die. I began caring enough about my life to want to live. I haven't looked back since then.” Amber went to Bensalem's Livengrin, an addiction …

As ZBA takes up methadone clinic move, patient of Lowell facility says it
Methadone is an effective treatment for opiate addiction, Magaraci said, because while it prevents the "high" you get with opiates, it takes away the constant "craving" for other opiates. This allows patients to continue to work and address issues in …
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Woman Feared Iowa Kidnapping Suspect's Release

Woman feared Iowa kidnapping suspect's release
In the documents obtained Friday, Klunder admitted he was addicted to cocaine and had a violent temper when he lived with his ex-girlfriend, but claimed his past did not reflect who he was today because he had received Christian-based treatment for …
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Neuroscience research focuses on cocaine addiction
“The implications are enormous – not only for the treatment of drug and alcohol addiction, but also for gambling, shopping, sex, eating, gaming – anything capable of becoming addicting.” William E. Cullinan, dean of the College of Health Sciences and …
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Destiny's Children

Destiny's children
“Despite all of these warning signs, Mr. Bethany never received the help he deserved, and the results were as tragic as they were predictable,” his attorney, Beau Brindley, wrote in the recent memo. Prosecutors alleged that by the time he was in his …
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Synthetic Cathinones: Signs, Symptoms, and Treatment
Substances previously unknown to most psychiatrists, synthetic cathinones (SCs)—commonly referred to as bath salts—have catapulted to the front line of substance abuse in the past 2 years. In 2010, there were 302 Poison Control calls related to the …
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Cannabis Campaign Branded a Waste of Time and Money

Cannabis campaign branded a waste of time and money
Many comments suggested the campaign was a waste of police resources, which would be better used to tackle heroin abuse in Matlock, as well as the growing appetite for Mcat, ecstasy and cocaine in the town. But Steve Holme, drugs intelligence officer …
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Giving second chances
Lincoln resident Connie Purdue (left) used to take crack cocaine. But now, she uses her home at 1422 North Kickapoo Street to help others fight back addiction, including Tiffany (right). Yellow Pages. Find whatever you're looking for with Totally Local …
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Using Prescription 'Study Drugs' Can Land You in Jail

Using Prescription 'Study Drugs' Can Land You in Jail
In other people, they provide a potentially addictive jolt of focus and purpose. Abuse of these easy-to-get drugs is increasing dramatically, … anti-anxiety and sleep medications, painkillers or alcohol. An overdose of stimulants presents with many …
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How Hard Is It to Go Sugar-Free? – Ottawa Citizen

How hard is it to go sugar-free? – Ottawa Citizen
French scientists in Bordeaux reported that in animal trials, rats chose sugar over cocaine (even when they were addicted to cocaine), and speculated that no mammals' sweet receptors are naturally adapted to the high concentrations of sweet tastes on …
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