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Philly Comic Con 2013: John Barrowman Is AWESOME!!

Philly Comic Con 2013: John Barrowman is AWESOME!!
When he told a seriously petite woman to treat the oversized microphone like his member, I died. While I always found him … Seriously, John Barrowman is the new crack/cocaine. He is kinky, quirky, addictive, adorable and fun. Who else gives up his …
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Oxford sex abuse victim: 'At first they treat you like a princess'
I thought they were the only people I could trust. "When you're dependent on them emotionally, they tie you even closer with drugs and alcohol. They got me addicted to crack cocaine first, then started giving me heroin. They once gave me a massive …
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Gov. Discourages DWI, Underage Drinking

Gov. discourages DWI, underage drinking
Susana Martinez signs an autograph for him during her visit to the school Monday. Martinez spoke about the … In 2000, a man was driving under the influence of cocaine, methadone and Xanax in Rio Rancho crashed into the vehicle Oster's daughter was in …
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Authorities apologise for failure to rescue schoolgirls from sex gang
The men were found guilty at the Old Bailey of a catalogue of offences including conspiracy to rape, child prostitution and trafficking over an eight year period. They were remanded in custody for sentencing on June 26. Judge Peter Rook warned them …
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Ottawa Bureau Chief Robert Fife – Under Investigation

Ottawa Bureau Chief Robert Fife – under investigation
Martin was one of the physicians who treated inmates, including those who participated in the program, at the provincial institution. In a report submitted …. Ford has said he does not use crack cocaine and said he is not an addict of the drug. He …

Cheap and Deadly: Use of New Drug “Sisa” Worries Officials
Known as “cocaine for the poor,” Sisa is cheap and highly addictive. It can be smoked, snorted or injected, the last being responsible for the … Recovery Associates Addiction Treatment Center explains how their program offers specific approaches …
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From One Extreme to Another

From one extreme to another
Campus life — the academic workload, late nights, partying — can all contribute to noticeable signs of the illness. Individuals experiencing a manic or depressive episode often fall behind in school. Normally studious teens may have trouble … Some …
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12 Ridiculous Things to Know About LA's Bullshit Celeb Rehabs

12 Ridiculous Things to Know About LA's Bullshit Celeb Rehabs
They never imply someone's in treatment just because they're in treatment–patients are "always called 'clients,' never 'patients.'" — Rich industry people … Casa de las Amigas, the oldest women's recovery home for drug addiction and alcoholism is a …
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1 brother guilty in case of pinched million NY lottery ticket; conspiracy
“My client has some options that he can explore. We'll see … Miles said he wasn't thinking clearly that day because he had been high on crack cocaine the night before. He said … “Rob Miles was really close when he said, 'Who would believe an ex-addict?
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Heroin,Bags of Cash & the CIA

Heroin,Bags of Cash & The CIA
It could not be missed when nearly a third our soldiers at Vung Tau, a few hundreds of men, went into physical and mental symptom of withdrawal. It was not pretty. … Tremendous quantity of the drug was consumed by these horrifically addicted men …
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HEALTH TIPS: The bitter truth about sugar
This is the same brain region implicated in response to cocaine and heroin. Instructively, scientists say heroin addicts show increased cravings for sweets at the initial stages of withdrawal. “This effect, known as cross-tolerance, shows that …
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