Cocaine Found in Hair of Crack Addict’s Kids

Just how sick does someone have to be to get help? These stories demonstrate how crack and cocaine addiction so completely take over an addict’s life that they even put their young children and babies in danger…


Crack Mom’s Children Had Cocaine in Their Hair
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While medical tests cannot be certain, levels of cocaine by-product suggested the both girls actually consumed some cocaine, in addition to the environmental exposure or inhalation of crack cocaine smoke. Grewal tested positively for high cocaine use.


Connecticut Mom Pleads Guilty to Giving Kids Beer and Cocaine
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The plot thickened when police took the children to Bridgeport hospital and the daughter tested positive for cocaine in addition to alcohol. The son revealed that he is already an experienced beer drinker.


Mother Force Fed Her 4 Year-Old And 10 Month-Old Children cocaine and beer.



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