Vaccines for Addiction: Miracle or False Hope?

Cocaine Addiction Vaccine

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The whole idea of a vaccine to treat addiction is an exciting concept on it’s face, but a vaccine can only treat the physiological manifestations of addiction — not the deeper seated psychological and emotional aspects that attract addicts to the escape of drug and alcohol abuse.

Just as a diet pill can alleviate hunger pains, our bodies still require nutrients to function properly. The addiction vaccines are supposed to eliminate the drug cravings that lead to abuse and addiction, but the core emotional problems remain.

Therapy in a pill? Sorry, but the real work of beating addiction happens after an addict quits using and is faced with learning to deal with their world with a sense of self-responsibility rather than escapism. What do you think?


Vaccines for Addiction Gaining Momentum
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In addition to his grant to develop a methamphetamine vaccine, Dr. Kosten already has a cocaine vaccine under development. Known as TA-CD, for Therapy Addiction–Cocaine Addiction, this vaccine uses an inactivated cholera protein to bind to cocaine.



Painkiller addiction stalks teens
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The strong link between opiate addiction and child abuse is a relatively new discovery. “It’s something that we as a profession had missed,” Heintz said. “Only recently has it become a focus in assessment and treatment.”



Vaccine for Cocaine Addiction Discovered!


Student presentation on addiction treatment discovery.


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